Action 9 confronts contractor accused of not doing work after big deposits

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ORLANDO, Fla. – Homeowners recovering from Hurricane Irma claim a contractor collected big deposits to replace their fences and disappeared — so the homeowners turned to Action 9 for help.

Mike Dorazio said his fence is barely standing after the hurricane ripped it apart. Dorazio and his mom said they paid an $1,800 deposit two months ago to replace the fence. That’s the last time they saw Ken Huffstutler and his company, Hurricane Fencing.

“Nothing, he’s a ghost,” Dorazio said.

Since the new fence was never installed, he said he wants the money back.

“It’s not his. He did nothing for it,” Dorazio said.

Gary Schwack said he hired Hurricane Fencing, as well and regrets the decision.

“The post here was not secured,” Schwack said.

Schwack said the new fence installation was so bad that it had to be ripped out. Then, Schwack claims, the company would not replace it when he called Huffstutler.

“He says, ‘I can put a construction lien on your home,’ and I said, ‘Whoa, I just want the fence I paid for,'” said Schwack.

Action 9 found Huffstutler has a history of leaving people feeling burned in Florida and North Dakota. Two consumers sued Huffstutler for restitution in Orange County. In North Dakota, he pleaded guilty to grand theft and theft by deception involving several victims. Huffstutler is currently serving probation.

Consumer investigator Todd Ulrich used a local test home to see if Hurricane Fencing and Huffstutler were still collecting deposits.

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