Benefits to Installing a New Fence During Winter – Provided by Fence OKC

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There are a lot of myths floating around the internet about having a fence installed during winter; some which are not true. We decided to clear the air and write the following blog post on this subject…Enjoy.

Winter has arrived as your backyard looks bare. The flowers are gone. The tree leaves have fallen. The flowering bushes are now less full and lush as you never realized just how much of the neighborhood you can see from the yard. The lack of privacy during the winter may make you consider installing a new fence. Yet should you wait for the spring?

You don’t have to wait for milder weather. Winter is a great time of year to install a new fence. You can save money, get great contractor help, and better preserve the plants in your yard. We have gathered together 8 reasons on why you should get a new fence installed this winter.


You Can Better Plan Out the Fence Installation


With the yard more barren, you can better chart out the fence layout, especially when you use trees and bushes as part of the fence line. For some homeowners, they want spaced fence sections as trees and bushes would fill in the gaps between each section.

In the winter, you can see where the reduced shrubbery may not be giving you adequate privacy and may leave too wide of a opening between the fence posts. So you can arrange the fence sections to make a more secure fence line that offers privacy year-round.


Winter is a Slow Season for Contractors

For contractors, winter can be a slow time of year for available work due to the cold temperatures, weather, and the holidays. So you may be able to get better rates and discounts during the winter as contractors try to fill up their schedules with projects.

So long as the ground isn’t frozen solid, a fence installer can often get the job done as quickly and professionally as possible. They may also have a larger crew available to work on your specific outdoor project.


Less Potential Damage to Landscape

Most plants, trees and bushes go dormant in the winter. Installing a fence will less likely cause significant long-term root damage as plants can be moved to other places in the yard. You can also safely trim bushes and plants during this season. Another benefit is that the yard will be cleaned up.

All the outdoor furniture, flower pots and kids’ toys will be placed away. This gives the fence installers more room to bring in materials and equipment without tripping or knocking over your outdoor possessions.


Keeps Pets (and Kids) Safe During Winter Play

With the holiday season underway and the kids at home, having a fenced backyard is perfect to keep the kids on the property while ensuring they have a safe environment. You can watch your kids from the window inside the house while knowing they can’t wander off into the street.

Also, pets won’t be able to run past the property line when they go outside to do their “business.” Installing a fence in the winter is ideal for homes that have a pet door as the dog or cat can come and go as they please with less supervision.


Fits Better into Everyone’s Schedule

Winter fence installation can simply work for everyone’s schedule. Contractors like to have projects this time of year to fill in their calendars as the spring and summer time will be overrun with building renovation and home construction projects.

Homeowners like having the installation performed in the winter as they don’t have to put their spring and summer outdoor recreation plans on hold. They can enjoy their newly-fenced backyard the moment the temperatures rise.

Even landscapers can take advantage of fence installation in the winter as they can install new flowers, shrubs, trees and bushes in the spring without getting in the way of the construction crew.


Have Longer Time to Decide on the Right Materials

Many homeowners may be under the false impression that the fence has to be installed in the Fall — at the latest. So they are in a rush trying to decide on how large of a fence to get, where to place it, and what materials to use.

Luckily, you can spend the Fall months researching the types of fences that are available and take your time selecting the right materials that will look great with the architecture of your home. You can decide whether to get a custom wood or wrought iron fence, how tall the fence will be, and whether you want to attach gates.


Old Fence Isn’t Going to Last Until Spring

Old fences are very dangerous if you leave them up instead of pulling them down. If the fence is unstable, it could end up collapsing and damaging outdoor furniture, plants, buildings, cars or even people.

Not only are you putting yourself, your family and your pet at risk, you could end up injuring neighbors or damaging the neighbor’s possessions if it collapses onto their yard. This problem can also lead to greater costs if you are held liable for injuries or damages.

Getting the fence removed and installing a new one as quickly as possible, even in the winter, can provide you with a safe and secure structure.


Have the Money Saved Up for a New Fence


After all the gift-buying and food preparation of the holidays, your finances can feel a bit stretched out in the fall and early winter. Yet from January up to March, you can begin saving the funds for the fence installation as you don’t have to worry about any more major holidays that can put a dent into your bank account.

In addition, many people will get their taxes taken care of and use their refunds toward the fence construction project as they can better budget out the material expenses and labor costs for the installation process.


Consider Having a Fence Installed During Winter

In reality, there is never a wrong time of year to get a new fence installed. Even when the winter weather rolls in, you should consider getting the project completed to replace old and damaged fences, or when you need a brand new fence to provide more privacy to your outdoor spaces.

Contacting a professional fence installer today can allow you to receive a quote and get your fence installation scheduled with an experienced contractor. Fence OKC can provide you with a consultation and go over the types of fence materials that can stand up to the winter weather.

Then once the fence is installed, it will give you peace and mind that you have a sturdy structure that will provide security and privacy to you and your family.

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