Council holds first public hearing on fencing ordinance

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The Albia City Council was short two members, Merle Regenold and Bryon Stilley and communicated with Councilman Tom Adler (just out of the hospital after a bout of pneumonia) by telephone to get some important business done.

The council held its first public hearing on the long-awaited fencing ordinance. The second public hearing will be held at it’s next meeting. Most fences already built in Albia will be grandfathered in to the new ordinance. The new ordinance limits the height of fences to six feet, clarifies fences built on side yards and the distances they can be built from lot lines and also clarifies how far fences must be from existing sidewalks and city property (one foot).

Front yard fences or walls cannot exceed three feet in height, unless the fence is constructed of materials which provide openings of not less than 50 percent in area of the vertical surface of the fence to permit transmission of light, air and vision. A wrought iron fence or a fence of similar quality can be placed in the front yard.

Electric fences are not allowed in the city. Barbed wire fence cannot be used unless it is required for commercial agricultural purposes in areas abutting Monroe County.

The new ordinance also states that fences shall be constructed so as to be reasonably aesthetic in appearance and not “injurious” to the senses, built of wood, chain-link, PVC/resin, stone or masonry materials. Wood fences are to be built using standard building lumber.

Once passed by the city council, any Albia property owner contemplating building a fence on their property should consult the Albia City Clerk’s office for details of the ordinance to to obtain the proper permit

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