Perimeter intrusion detection: The first line of defense

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When it comes to the topic of perimeter security, the lines of definition become a bit blurred as you consider the colliding worlds of network and physical security. In the IT universe, perimeter security defines the vulnerable endpoints hackers look to penetrate an organization’s network. For physical security practitioners, perimeter security is about as basic a concept as there is.

A holistic approach to outdoor physical perimeter security is one that determines a facility’s first line of defense where technology is designed to deter, detect, delay and deny entry. The concept that is commonly referred to as “Concentric Circles of Protection,” involves the use of multiple “rings” or “layers” of security. The first layer is located at the boundary of the site, and additional layers are provided as you move inward through the building toward the high-value assets.

It may be a basic concept, but the advanced technology that characterizes end user’s options is as varied as they are unique.

The same data gathering and analytics that are driving both video surveillance and access control are also providing the foundation for some of the most unique and compelling technologies being developed for the Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS) and barrier protection marketplace.

Recent technology evolutions and trends are having a direct impact on the performance and evolution of PIDS systems. These include developments in signal processing, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, data analytics, as well as improvements in computing technologies and their processing power. By leveraging some of these new technologies and developments, the quality, reliability, and performance of PIDS sensors can be greatly enhanced, according to Erick Reynolds, PSP, who is Vice President of the Americas for Future Fibre Technologies (FFT). Future Fibre Technologies is a fiber optic sensing technologies company based in Melbourne, Australia, with its U.S. headquarters in Mountain View, California.

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